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It is interesting to note how many homeowners choose to completely re-side their entire home because there is a section of the wood exterior siding that has water damage. They are prepared to spend thousands of dollars for the purchase and installation of new siding when all they really needed was a simple repair job on only the water damaged section. Unfortunately, many of these types of homeowners could have saved themselves a lot of money by first calling in a professional home inspection and repair company to inspect their home.

For example, let’s say that a husband and wife are about to sell the family home because all of their children have now left the nest and are surviving quite well on their own. The professional real estate agent that they have retained to help sell their home suggests that they should have a thorough home inspection done on the home.

The real estate agent well knows from years of experience that a home inspection will provide the homeowner with the right information to properly repair any important areas that could discourage a potential home buyer from purchasing the home. True, it may cost the homeowner a few dollars up front but if they ignore a serious home repair issue then, in the long run, it may not only discourage a potential home buyer but it could also devalue the selling price of the home.

This particular couple decides to take the advice of the real estate agent and they retain the services of a home inspector. The home inspector quickly discovers the water damaged siding and he recommends that the homeowner have it fixed. He does not suggest that the homeowner needs an entirely new exterior siding job because that would be dishonest.

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The home inspection company has a variety of employees including plumbers, carpenters, and others. They send out a representative to give the homeowner a free no obligation quotation on how much it will cost to remove the water damaged siding and replace it with new exterior siding and then paint it.

The homeowner is impressed at how professional this home inspection company and their representatives are and he agrees to allow the company to do the job. The company arrives on the date promised to do the work and they complete the job quickly and efficiently. The homeowners are happy because they have saved themselves thousands of dollars. Their home looks beautiful and it sells quickly.